Guideposts for Teens)
As Associate Editor of Sweet 16 and its predecessor,
Guideposts for Teens, Allison compiled the "In the
Know" celebrity news section in every issue, and edited
quizzes and reader-response sections. (Note: Articles
published prior to February 2005 appear with the
byline Allison Payne, Allison's maiden name.)
Sweet 16
ceased publication in 2007.

Aug/Sept 2007: The Sweet 16 MySpace Survey
Pop Puzzler (music-related crossword)
Feb/Mar 2007: Celebrity Quiz --Who's NOT Acting
Their Age?
June/July 2005: Quiz -- What's Your Tanning IQ?
Celebrity Quiz -- Stars at Work
Feb/Mar 2005: Relient K's Back!
Aug/Sept 2004: 10 Ways to Nix Nail-Biting
June/July 2004: Cover Story -- Stacie Orrico
Feb/Mar 2004: Beauty feature: Lip It Up!
Dec/Jan 2004: DIY: Have Yourself a Crafty Christmas
Aug/Sept 2003: Quiz -- Are You a TV Addict?
June/July 2003: Cover Story -- Switchfoot
April/May 2003: Religion & TV cover story -- The
: Keeping the Faith or Just Fishing for Laughs?
DIY jewelry feature: Hemp, Hemp Hooray!
Credit Card Craze
Feb/Mar 2003: Cover Story -- Leigh Nash of Sixpence
None the Richer
Dec/Jan 2003: 'Roid Rage
Oct/Nov 2002: Celebrity Q&A -- Olympic weightlifter
Cheryl Haworth
Aug/Sept 2002: The Right to Pierce?
June/July 2002: Record Labels Feel the Burn
April/May 2002: A Time to Kill?
Dec/Jan 2002: Hollywood's New Turn-Off
Oct/Nov 2001: True Story -- Hurricane
Feb/Mar 2001: Beyond Buff
Aug/Sept 1999: Learning the Hard Way
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